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On June 3rd I had the incredible honor of being ordained at our church. For myself, this has been a life-long process of education, service to the church, and discernment by myself and my peers. It was an incredible experience when Amanda asked me how I felt I said: “I felt an incredible weight upon my shoulders.” Yes, there was joy, excitement, and in some ways. But I felt that has yet to be taken away from me. Even though I have served as a pastor, youth pastor, and staff person before this moment. I realized within that moment I am now taking on the responsibility all the souls under my care and a responsibility to live out my calling every day of my life. It is truly a heavy feeling but one that I would not exchange for anything. For me, it was the seal of God’s calling upon my life, and I rejoice that I was able to share this incredible experience with you all as the first pastor ever ordained within our sanctuary and I pray I am not the last, especially with a clergy spouse.

This heavinessindeed given me an extreme sense of clarityhave never had until this point, a unique connection with the divine. As I preached on Abraham and Sarah on June 18th about them breaking bread with the Trinity, I pray that as I ask God to guide me that I will continue to break bread with the Divine in my daily work of the pastoral office. I pray specifically that our church continues to dream, vision, and imagine what God is calling us to do, let us remember what God told Sarah “Is anything impossible for the LORD?”

I leave you with this Franciscan Blessing to ponder upon over this next month.May God bless us with discomfort easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that we may live deep within our hearts.

May God bless us with anger injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that we may work for justice, freedom, and peace.

May God bless us with tears shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, hunger, and war, so that we may reach out our hands to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless us with enough foolishness believe that we can make a difference in this world, so that we can do what others claim cannot be done, to bring justice and kindness to all our children and the poor.

Grace and Peace,







We are Americans, born in the United States, or having come here from other counties to become citizens, and become free and independent people.  What a parallel to draw with being a Christian. Those who discovered and settled in this country were followers of Christ. God allows us to be free and independent people if we are willing to let him be our guide.

“Home of the free and the brave,”  a line from our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”, written by Francis Scott Key, speaks  about  pilgrims coming to this part of the world seeking freedom to worship God without others telling them they couldn’t do this or that. The brave were those who were adventurous enough to cross the unknown ocean to settle an unknown land, and later to stand up for the freedoms they would come to know and wanted to keep. Their faith in God was what gave them strength and drive to do what many thought and said would be impossible. Yes, there were hard times along the way such as the unknown, sickness, and leaving family behind. However, God was their focus and the freedoms that came with knowing him made them free indeed.

As time went on, being across the ocean still presented its problems as the long arm of governing still wanted to control the lives of the colonists. That is when brave men and women came together for the sake of becoming truly free. Again, their faith and prayers gave them the courage to stand up for their principles of living without a King and a ‘one religious denomination’ that fits all.

Since our beginnings here in America, our ancestors have put God first, working hard and stand -ing for what is right and good. American pride is something we all have ingrained in us. We may be from different states, but we are a united front against wrongs across the country and the world and have shared in greatness for all. There’s always been a freedom to achieve and reach for our dreams.

God allows us to be and to create. Our country is so vast and beautiful, how could we not acknowledge God’s hand in all of it. He has allowed us to fill the land with our children and has blessed us all along the way,  just as he blessed the Israelites in the Promised Land. We are the United States of America, land of the free and the brave. However,  we are free because of the brave. Brave men and women, who have had the courage to put their lives on the line for all of us in the face of adversity, both here and abroad are what this country has been founded on.

Kate Smith was known for using Irving Berlin’s song “God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above; from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, God bless America, my home, sweet home. God bless America, my home, sweet home”. This was in the form of a prayer and she would begin the song with this addition; “While storm clouds gather far across the sea, let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free. Let us all be grateful for a land so fair, as we raise our voices in a solemn prayer.’

As we take time this 4th of July to celebrate our country’s birth, let us also remember what it took to get us where we are today along with whom it took.  God!  He has given us our independence through Christ and guided us every step of the way with his Holy Spirit.

Have a safe and wonderful summer.

In Service to our Lord, and Living Word,

Lynn Willis



Good Samaritan School News

Donations needed

Good Samaritan School in Beaufort, Haiti is our church mission project. Fanise Cherilus is our missionary to the school, not just the founder. We need your help with this mission!

We are in desperate need of donations to keep the school in operation for another year. We need more monthly sponsors. After donations from monthly donors and fund raisers we are short $1,300.00 a month. We have been short in paying the teachers for the past 3 months.

What we need to continue the operation ofschool through December 2017 is $4,000.00 to pay staff salaries and operation costs.

What we need to cover the shortfall for the past 3 months is another $4,000.00.

You may now support the school through ‘’.

Search for ‘Good Sam Lake Worth’ to make a donation.

Share with others by clicking the link ‘Share on Facebook’.

Fund Raising

Future fellowships -6/25, 7/30.

Luncheon on 8/27

Watch for more information about a concert in November.

Yours in Christ,

Andy Willis

President, Good Samaritan School, Inc.

A 501(c)3 charity providing a Christian education to the children in poverty in and around Beaufort, Haiti

A/C Replacement

We are asking for donations for the A/C unit that we had to replace which cools Pastor’s office, and the Sunday School room and youth room. The total cost was $2,900 and so far we received donations totaling $1,185, leaving a balance of $1,715. We need these donations, the bill is due. In addition, we will take up donations for a new A/C unit for the Narthex. It hasn’t worked in many years. The cost is $2,900


Please pray this prayer each night at 7:00 P.M.


Dearest Heavenly FATHER, We praise and thank YOU for our church whose head is JESUS, Our LORD and Savior.ask You to give us the wisdom and favor to help us draw others to our church to learn about JESUS’ love and forgiveness.We humbly ask for financial blessings.Help us to be a church that always seeks guidance from the Bible and the HOLY SPIRIT, in prayer, when making church decisions.Help us to be a praying church that glorifies Your SON,

JESUS.We ask all this in JESUS’ name.Amen.


Summer is a wonderful time to get away, meet family and friends who are near and far and be refreshed.

In July my husband and I plan to take a cruise from Netherlands down the Rhine river to Basel, then a few days in Rome.We will meet two of the exchange students that had stayed with us for a year.

I pray that all is well with each of you as you reach out to those around you.

At the end of August on the 30th, choir will begin again.Encourage those you know who are looking to sing, to join us.The choir rehearses Wednesdays from:50 to 7:30 p.m.the Praise team meets afterwards.

Consider what changes you would like to see and let Pastor Blue or I know your ideas for attracting and keeping new people.

Your sister in Christ,
Jane IllsleyMusic Director



Pray for Don and Mona Gartrell, Don was in Hospice and now is being cared for at home, and please pray for Mona for strength and healing from had an infection. Pray for Richie Geisler who is hospitalized. Pray for Patti DiNardo, who was hospitalized, but is recuperating at home. Pray for Anne Silva who is recuperating from pneumonia.  Pray for Ruth Waltz who has a leg infection. Pray for Michael Cantwell who is recuperating after open heart surgery. Continue to pray for Arlene Boline’s health. Pray for Don Slater who has mesothelioma. Pray for Pastor Andy Dougherty and his daughter.  Pray for Waldes Cherilus and Andrew Grieco. Pray for Ken, Martha and Art, who are fighting cancer. Pray for David Pfohl’s mother, who fell and broke her wrist and his sister and his two nieces.  Prayers are needed for our loyal church members, Meeks and Barb Mason, as well as our dear friend, Wanda Wulf.  We continue our prayers for healing Jean Link, Emily McClumpha, Karen Swedenborg.

For friends and family members who have cancer, pray for healing and direction.

Pray for Pastor Richard Blue Jr. and all our church council members as they guide our church.

Pray for Andy and Lynn Willis and Fanise Cherilus for their efforts to support Good Sam School.



to Pastor Thum for installing two spotlights in front of the church, the window in Pastor’s office, installing our new safe and the LED lights on the Chandelier in the Narthex. Pastor, thanks for all the work you do around the church.

Andy, we appreciate all the plumbing work you do for us.



In the news not too long ago was a story about Tiger Woods and his arrest for DUI. He was under the influence but it was not to alcohol which is what most of us think when someone gets arrested for DUI.  Tiger was under the influence of a newly ordered medication given to him by his physician. Some of the news could have been lessened had Tiger and/or his physician paid closer attention to the warning labels on the medication bottle. Please be aware you are the master of your own body.  You need to know what you are consuming!  Here are some questions you need to ask yourself::

  • When did you have your last blood work done?
  • Do you know what tests you should request your doctor to perform?
  • Do you know your lab result numbers and what they mean?
  • Do you know how you get better and/or stay healthy?

Are you taking prescribed medication?   If you are, do you carry a current list with you in your wallet/purse?  You should be able to answer these questions about the medication that you consume:

Name of drug

Dose of drug

How much you take of the drug (one tablet, two tablets, etc.)

How often you take the medicine

When to take the medicine

Why you take the medicine

Any ALLERGIES that you might have to medicine and/or food.

Did you know that you can get a RPH to review the medications you are taking?  Pharmacists undergo years of training and experience in managing medication therapies. As a result they are the best qualified health care providers to help individuals manage and use their medications effectively.  (Medicare will cover part of the expense to have the RPH review your medication.)

Another reason to have the RPh review your medication is the possibility of you having more than one physician.  Most of us have a primary physician. If there are other medical issues, you could be seeing a specialist or two for those issues. Each physician should see all medication you are taking. Each time you see these physicians, update the medication list at the visit.

Here is another did you know?   Did you know there is a simple DNA test that your physician can do to see which class medicines work with your body and which ones do not?  This DNA test should be done especially if you are having a difficult time adjusting to any of your meds. This is an easy test, just a swab of the inside of your jaw.  (Most insurance will cover this test.)  You may find that some physicians are reluctant to do this test.  If yours is one of the reluctant ones, remember that you are the master of your body and you should have this result.  This is good information to have even if you are not currently having a problem with your meds. Your DNA does not change so one test will do for a lifetime.

Remember to pack your pills for vacation,
Paula Mann RN, Parish Nurse



The Miracle of Forgiveness By Pastor Michael Spangle North Liberty, Iowa

Sam was a strong member of my church and when he was close to 80 years old, I invited him to lunch. During our visit, I said, “You never talk about your brother and yet he lives only an hour away. Tell me about him.”

Sam responded, “When he took my girlfriend to the senior prom, I was furious. I vowed to never to speak to him again, and I haven’t.”

How sad to lose a lifetime of friendship with a brother because of not being willing to forgive.

As a pastor, educator and specialist in conflict management, I have found that unwillingness to forgive is one of the biggest barriers to strong, Spirit-filled churches. Forgiveness is one of the greatest miracles that God gives us and it’s the centerpiece of a church built on grace.

Research tells us that forgiveness is vital to a healthy emotional life. Holding on to negative feelings can drain our spirit of energy and even affect our physical health. Forgiveness does not justify a harm done or make excuses for it. It takes the sting out of it. Once people move past bitterness and resentment and allow forgiveness, they bring healing to themselves as well as those around them.

Forgiveness can be expressed through a smile, a welcoming handshake or a kind word. Though an apology helps, it is not always necessary. For example, in the parable of the prodigal son, before the son could reach home to ask his father for forgiveness, the father ran to him and embraced him. Out of compassion, he expressed forgiveness to the son before the son even asked for it. As we give as well as receive forgiveness, Christ renews our hearts and puts the joy back in relationships.

This article was taken from LCMC newsletter.

Have you allowed your happiness to be stolen by someone?  Forgiveness is the key to getting your happiness back and moving on.

Ephesians 4:32 says:  Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted and forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.



We continue to provide food to the First Baptist Church in Lantana. Thank you for your continued supporting of this worthy cause.

God’s Blessing to you, Sheila Madert&Peggy Breeden



Operating Income   $ 11,537

Operating Expense  $ 16,754

DEFICIT                          $   5,217



May   7         88/$ 3,651

May 14         90/$ 2,621

May 21         68/$ 1,886

May 28         54/$ 1,120



First Care is preparing to launch its annual Baby Bottle Boomerang. Most of you are familiar with the BBB. For those of you who aren’t, here’s how it works. First Care will distribute plastic baby bottles to participating churches and groups. On August 20th, kick-off Sunday, church members will be asked to take a bottle home. Each family who takes a bottle will fill it with coins, currency or a check and return the bottle to the church by September 3rd. So save your change $$ and take  a baby bottle home.




July/August 2017

Ushers for the 10:30 A.M. Worship will be printed in the weekly bulletins. Please call Paula Mann if you are unable to greet or read.


GREETERS – July 2017

July 2

8:30 A. M.    Betty and Ollie Hall

10:30 A. M.     Kris and Carl Harper

July 9

8:30 A. M.     Joyce and Richard Johnston

10:30 A. M.     S. Madert, A. Weinreich

July 16

8:30 A. M.   Paula Mann

10:30 A. M.   E. Matos, A. Johnson

July 23

8:30 A. M.    Neil Bauch

10:30 A. M.    D. DiNardo, R. Waltz

July 30

8:30 A. M.    Dot and Joe Walker

10:30 A. M.    Claudia and Ray Palo

GREETERS—August 2017

Aug. 6

8:30 A. M.      Betty and Ollie Hall

10:30 A. M.      E. Matos, A. Johnson

Aug. 13

8:30 A. M.      Joyce and Richard Johnson

10:30 A. M.     S. Madert, A. Weinreich

Aug. 20

8:30 A. M.      Neil Bauch

10:30 A. M.      Kris and Carl Harper

Aug. 27

8:30 A. M.      Dot and Joe Walker

10:30 A. M. D. DiNardo, R. Waltz



July 2

8:30 A. M. Ollie Hall

10:30 A. M. Kris Harper/Carl Harper

July 9

8:30 A. M. Joyce Johnston

10:30 A. M. Maggie Cooper

July 16

8:30 A. M. David Pfohl

10:30 A. M John Wyman/John Wyman

July 23

8:30 A. M. Nancy Patterson

10:30 A. M. Dorothy DiNardo

July 30

8:30 A. M. Paula Mann

10:30 A. M. Claudia Palo



Aug.  6

8:30 A. M. Ollie Hall

10:30 A. M. John Wyman/John Wyman

Aug. 13

8:30 A. M. Joyce Johnston

10:30 A. M. Claudia Palo

Aug. 20

8:30 A. M. Nancy Patterson

10:30 A. M. Kris Harper/Carl Harper

Aug. 27

8:30 A. M. Paula Mann

10:30 A. M. Dorothy DiNardo


Thank You to our Ushers that have volunteered to serve your church during the previous months:


Don and Arlene Boline

Craig and Lisa Hull

Richard and Peggy Beiter

Erica Heun

Andy Willis


If anyone else can volunteer to serve, please call Paola Sheppard at the office.






1        Thelma Smith

Harry Dougherty

Ryan Mauermann

Spencer Boline

2       Kaila Heelan

5      Pamela Tandy

Ashley Domark

7      Ronald Tandy

8      Ollie Hall

10     Craig Hull

Kirsten Connor

16     Laura Tandy

19     Barbara Undercoffler

23     Beatrice Hepler

George Thum Jr.

24     Norm Steury

25     Donna Sandy

26     Andy Willis

Kathy Conrad

27     Mary Ellen Decker

Nicholas Hull

30     Holly Burke

Larry Race

Kristofer Lahti



  • Edna and Antonio Matos
  • Jane and Ron Illsley

25   Dani and Eric Oster

Please call the office if we missed your birthday or anniversary.



Jesus said give 10%.

Give from your Heart!!!